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    view author's info ( 26, Woman | New York, NY, USA )

    I ran track for 10 years, now I run longer distances, and my primary mode of exercise is cycling. You cant outwork a bad diet, so Id start with portion control. Try to eat serving sizes of foods you cook at home, instead of just serving yourself. Try it for a day, then two then more. You need to learn to cook also. At least the basics (Food Network + YouTube). Science: The benefits of weight loss can be noticed with as little as a 3% reduction in your weight (your weight x .97 = 1st target). If you try to lost more than 10-15% of your current body weight, its likely that youll gain it all back. 10-15% is the weight loss sweet spot, after that youll likely plateau, please talk to a dietician and your physician. 3500 calories in 1lb, (most Americans eat 3600 daily). Aim to lose 1-2 lbs a week, by cutting out 500 calories, or burning 500 extra calories a day with a workout of your choice. A step and calorie tracker with even the most basic capabilities would be helpful. I have a FitBit 4 SE. Aim for 2.5-3L liters of water (non-sugary drinks) daily. Do not neglect your sleep hygiene! 7-8...  see more >>

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    view author's info ( 45, Woman | Tracy, CA, USA )

    My body is my temple, therefore it is sacred. I work out at least 3 times a week and generally live a healthy lifestyle. With all the gyms closed during covid, I purchased a peloton bike and I am riding that baby and loving it! I rarely eat carbs and am generally disciplined with regards to my dietary intake.

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    view author's info ( 59, Man | Detroit, MI, USA )

    Bicycling, Weights, stretching, Dancing. Whilst these are just some of the things I do for health, they are, by no means, all that I do. I add good eating and good living to the package. I do not smoke, nor do I drink or do drugs other than prescribed and/or OTC Acetaminophen.

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    view author's info ( 54, Woman | Houston, TX, USA )

    Ex state level gymnast, I now enjoy playing disc golf, darts, hiking, biking, running, walking, yoga, basically anything that keeps me moving and active. (I can still do a handstand) I need more activities, who can help me with a new adventures?

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    view author's info ( 24, Woman | Celina, TX, USA )

    Daily work out at the gym eating a good healthy meal drinking lots of water taking my vitamins getting my beauty rest staying away from red meat and basically just making better choices overall . Love the gym

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    view author's info ( 69, Man | Portland, OR, USA )

    I do some sort of workout (almost) every day, whether it's biking, hiking, skiing, lifting, or the gym (before and hopefully after the pandemic). I weigh the same now as I did in college, 155#. I don't insist that my partner be as compulsive about exercise, but staying in reasonable shape is important to me.

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    view author's info ( 50, Woman | Toledo, OH, USA )

    I never stop moving. ;) Love the outdoors / hiking / biking and currently learning yoga. I'm not very graceful. Ha! I garden and love big projects which are generally a little too optimistic for my skill level. I'll try (almost) anything once. ;)

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    view author's info ( 56, Woman | Granite Bay, CA, USA )

    I have a myriad of fun tools to work with such as a mirror trainer, far infrared body wrap system, eng3 oxygen instrument, lymph glide, theraphi proton plasma bed and Erchonia red and violet healing laser systems. My passion is to help people feel great with my healing tools.

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    view author's info ( 38, Woman | North Las Vegas, NV, USA )

    I do have a gym membership and would go twice a day sometimes but then Covid hit and an injury occurred but I'll be back at EOS gym soon enough! I'm an athlete so I bounce back pretty quickly I like to switch things up as the same routine bores me, so hiking, biking riding, track, bleachers, jump roping etc keeps me healthy!

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    view author's info ( 20, Woman | Ruskin, FL, USA )

    Daily exercise and healthy food intake. I still eat what I want just in proportions. Genetically I am small with a bit of a shape, petit as some would say. I also drink a lot of water which I think is vital to flawless skin.

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    view author's info ( 38, Woman | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    I eat anything everything seriously I just eat whatever I have whatever I can I ain't got no fcking time to diet anything I'm starving Not because of some ridiculous diet restrictions I'm starving Because I have nothing to eat literally I would need to hire my assistant for groceries cooking etc I wish I have more time to eat more more more I'm a meat lover I love anything to do with fat... Oily daily food I eat a lot of junk food I love anythingdeepfried chocolate cake chips Ice cream crunchy snacks Especially when I'm stressed out No cooking time Microwave is my favorite loyal friend I go to sleep right after finished huge meals No gym No time for exercise Never weigh-in myself Just genetic I'm just fcking grateful God blessed me Thank you God I truly appreciate it! Now please bless me with the amazing man who can put up with me genuinely Who gives me everything I need What Iwant Without gives me any stress Just peacefully And Happily No matter what Until our death bed Someone special who's ready for our first wedding song "All of me by John Legend God, you know what I like I...  see more >>

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    view author's info ( 22, Woman | Clovis, CA, USA )

    I go to the gym everyday. Days I can't I try to get a run in outdoors. I love to be active and take care of my body. I love cooking home made meals and always try to make new things! I push my self daily to become the best version of myself

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    view author's info ( 60, Woman | Albuquerque, NM, USA )

    Dancing, but mostly just good ol fashioned good genes, just naturally small frame. i am asian descent afterall. What can I say, don't have to work hard at this. Good healthy diet doesn't hurt either. I'm not ocd on staying thin or staying in shape. I don't go overboard on anything, everything in moderation, nothing to excess is my mantra.

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    view author's info ( 37, Woman | Bossier City, LA, USA )

    I like gym yoga and exercises, i like to keep fits and I like jogging running go to gym and yoga everyday and I eat healthy food also I like to go for walk as well stay healthy so yea that's what I do.

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    view author's info ( 50, Woman | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    I try to maintain an active lifestyle as much as I can I swim every morning I do Pilates & Yoga at home Cardio Enjoy outdoor adventures like Tennis, Golf , Surfing etc etc Most important is drinking lots of water